Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Food - Price sky high~~

I still remember when I was small, 1 roll of Gardenia chocolate bun was only RM0.10.
One plate of fried mee-hun was only RM0.20.
One bowl of "Lou-she-Fun" + 2 fish balls was only RM0.40.

1 bowl of Pan-Mee easily RM4.00, I'm saying Pasar Malam price only, not talking about those air-con restaurant, some more have to take number and queue.
Yet, bunch of people fighting for a seat to eat.

One bowl of ice-kacang, you can get at RM4.99 from 100-yen shop.
With the same type of ice-kacang, some places just sell it with RM9.90!
Just because their stall are at some expensive shopping mall.

When life is getting better, people have higher request on the quality of life.
They don't mind spending RM100 per person per meal.
For example, one plate of Lam-Mee is RM16.90:

And one simple spinach quiche is RM23~~!!!

Price is sky-high, because they are just selling their ambience.
Some restaurants will have "old-antique" house concept.
Some restaurants will have "homely" concept.

So "homely" that you can even sleep there.

That way, they can increase their price "reasonably".
Well, they may add in real and full ingredient, but I believe that it is still not so expensive that they have to sell at such price.

For some other stalls, when their stalls are being interviewed and on air, they will take the opportunity to increase their price, whether their food is really that yummy, don't care la, grab the opportunity to slaughter people first.

Some food is really good, no matter where it is , people will be able to find their way and queue for it.
Like this yummy unusual burger stall in Subang, I can't forget the taste.

It is so different from those traditional Ramly burger.... and the price is reasonable.

Some restaurants, just got the name only, but the food like bloody shit.
Look at the picture below, don't you think it looks like the chicken just got car accident and die at the roadside?

When it is buffet or free food, people will fight and grab like crazy.
The below picture was the amount of ice-cream eaten by one person....
One person~~!!!

Sometimes people can be so crazy until don't mind travel in bus for more than 8 hours, just to eat the food at the town there.
Many people took the bus to go back to Betong again and again, just to eat the Betong chicken.
hahaha, I'm saying the chicken that don't wear shoes one.

Anyway, I think the price of food is getting crazy.

Food is suppose for nutrient and to ease hunger, but now
It has became a tool to
show a person's status ...

to show that we are rich...

to show that we have class...

Is that the way to spend?

If I have money, I'll open restaurant, so easy to earn, and some more it is daily CASH~~!

Money in your pocket, rich people will find way to transfer it to their pocket.
Money in their pocket, is still in there for their possession.
So, who is silly now to pay for expensive food?
Who is the winner?

Will you spend on expensive food just for ambience and status?


Medie007 said...

hanor hanor! inflation lor. T.T

Johnny Ong said...

chicken that don't wear shoes? hehe

allthingspurple said...

wowwww....just look at all those food!! Admittedly, food is so much more expensive now. Some are worth the ambience, some are not. Sometimes they also charge ridiculous prices for terrible service and lack-lustre ambience, like some of those really low-partronage restaurants around town. Terrible, isn't it?

TZ said...

The empty ice cream cups look so familiar... this piccie must be taken during our YUEN session :p

tikno said...

No. I eat anywhere which I think the food delicious for my tongue.