Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If it is bound to happen, no one can avoid it~~!?

"It is bound to happen, you can never avoid it~~!"

When you read the above sentence, it may looks nothing to you. But if you have the chance to hear it from this patient, and see how he sigh for regret, you will have your whole body's hairs stand right straight up.

"It all started with bad memory."

"I became forgetful... That's all."

"Then I have cough which lasted for 2 months plus. Not recovering."

"No fever."

"No pain."

"At first the doctor told me that I was just having asthma."

"After two months plus of checking and diagnostic, it was finally found out that, I have a CIS in my brain."

Yes, this patient was so healthy before he fell ill, and handsome I would say.

But after found out that he was having this CIS 3 months ago, yes, just 3 months ago ... ... He became so old, hands and legs swell, and couldn't walk properly (I wonder whether he has forgotten on how to control his legs properly)

He kept saying that if the sickness was going to fall on you, no way you could run away, or hide from it.

It sounds so sad and horrifying. That was why Sakyamurni decided to find out the TRUTH 2500 years ago, and wanted to break away from this life cycle.

Instead of sit down and going through the same life path: Born --> Old --> Sick --> Die, Reborn --> Old --> Sick --> Die, why not we control our life and be self-mastery?

I believe this can be done~! So many Rinpoches, Buddhas, or even ordinary men like the famous "Yuan Liao-Fan" proved to us that by doing cultivation and charity, one could really change their fate to a better!

I believe it can be done.

Coffin is for dead people, and not for old people.

Please don't think that you still have plenty of time to enjoy your life.

Death is just around the corner.

I should appreciate my life, do meaningful thing, do charity, and start my small prayer to clear karma.

May the Heaven bless all always.

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