Wednesday, January 09, 2008


The other day I was having dinner with a friend. He is the person that will suddenly say out some wisdom words that will like "Deeng!" -- light up the light bulb in your head.

He was talking about responsibility. He said, reasponsibility is an in-born attitude that everyone should have. It is the basic moral within the mankind.

He: Don't try to be good. Good is a very subjective matter.

He: And "good" should be the basic moral that a person should have, not for you to try to do it.

He: Responsibility is the same thing.

Well, I totally agree to it!

Responsibility should be one of the element in the "Good" group.

If it is your responsibility to do something, you should finish it.

If you have promised others something, DO IT.

Do not neglect or wipe the job away just for your own priority.

If you are so selfish to just matter your own thing, achieve what you want, and don't sacrify for others, what charity you are trying to do?

You do not have to purposely look for "Good" thing to do.

Sacrify and be responsible

This is the basic charity that you should look into.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

An old Chinese saying,

"In my dream, life was beautiful. But when I woke up, it was all about responsiblity."

Confucius or some wise guy said it.

I think what it means is that 'responsibility' is number ONE priority in our lives.

I just thought it was worth mentioning... Good blog. ^^

Anonymous said...

Yes, responsibility is the TOP priority for every single person... ...I can't imagine if a person does not have the sense of responsibility