Thursday, January 23, 2014

Body Work - to unleash and dissolve the memory of body cells

I have always been interested in improving my mind and my spiritual knowledge, especially in the recent years, I was almost going all out to attend seminars, courses and done lots of reading to understand more about human mind and the invisible force around us.

One of the thing amazed me was the memory of body cells. Thanks to my "Practitional Clinical Hypnotherapy" lecturer, I came to an understanding that body cells do keep memory of every incident that is meaningful to us. And all these memories are working at the unconscious level, affecting our conscious behaviours all the time.

Here's an interesting article tells more about the memory of body cells.

What I wanted to share, or make it as a record of my life journey here was my bodywork experience yesterday.

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I have a friend who does bodywork for people, that will trigger and unleash the memory of body cells, and thus achieve a therapeutic effect.

If you "Google" about bodywork, you will find lots of website explaining about what is bodywork. I think to the westerner, bodywork is equivalent to "massage". In the definition found on Google, bodywork has many types, including yoga, Reiki, QiGong, and all sorts of massage technique.

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I'm not sure whether there is a specific name to the bodywork that my friend offers. Let's just use the term "bodywork" for the specific meaning here, which is, a massage technique that can unleashes and dissolves the memory of body cells.

I decided to go for bodywork is because of I have been having the same nightmare throughout the years. I wanted to release the memory and turn it to a positive one.

It was an amazing and beautiful experience. Of course different person will have different experience. One of my friend tried the bodywork and she cried when certain part of the body was being pressed. She flashed back lots of memory of a certain incident when she felt the pain on that part of the body. She cried, and therefore the negative emotion was released.

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As for me, I didn't cry or have any memory flashback. Instead, I gained lots of insights on matters about life. I felt so light and like a new born baby after the massage, with zero negative emotion. The emotion that fills up my body cells is "happiness". I realized I could be a happy person easily. I don't need to hold on to any negative emotion.

I am glad that I knew someone who can do this type of bodywork. Thank you, Joyce! Really appreciate your effort.

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