Monday, January 27, 2014

Scrapbook fever

I only came to know about "Scrapbook" recently! Such a shame for not knowing such an art at this age of mine *-.-* ... haha!

Sample from "Google"

My professor asked us to do a survey about a person. This person could be someone living in any country, having any religion, and practising any culture. She gave my group the research on a female who was living in Istanbul, Turkey. This girl came from a middle-upper class Orthodox Jewish family and the father was a jewelry businessman. We have to do a research on this person's country, religion, culture, lifestyle and any other details we wanted to add in from the day she was born until she passed away at the age of 80. Of course this person is just a fiction, but the facts about her culture, religion, lifestyle and country had to be non-fiction. The fun part was, we had to present to the class about this person in a "SCRAPBOOK" format!

Sample from "Google"

At first I only glanced through my seniors' work to get some ideas on how to do the layout. Later on, because of we needed to buy some materials like ribbons or symbols to decorate our pages, I went to Craft Heaven in 1Utama, and saw a scrapbook sample there. I was so amazed that scrapbook could be done in such a detail way!

Sample from "Google"

After my assignment was over, my mind still stuck to the idea of making "scrapbook"... And then the fever of making it kept attacking me. So, I planned to make my very own personal scrapbook for my husband as his birthday "card" ... Instead of an ordinary birthday card, I wanted to make something special for his special birthday. I compiled all the photos we took in 2013, and I'm going to make a scrapbook of what we did in 2013 to present to him ...

Sample from "Google"

I have so much ideas on how to decorate the pages, but to learn more, I "Google" and "Youtube" a lot on how to improve the design of a scrapbook, and got more shocked to know that it was a norm to the westerners to make scrapbook since young! Many of the westerners even have a "scrapbook room" in their house, just for them to make scrapbook!! They also have specialized stores just to sell scrapbook materials... Alamak, I'm so out-dated la!!

I have done two pages so far for my husband's "birthday-card" project, but still not very sure how to design the pages and find my pages quite bare as compared to the scrapbook sample on "Google" ... I hope I can improve my art-sense from doing this and improve my design to a better one... Well, I think it's "ok" that my designs are bare now, at least I started doing it and I believe practise make perfect. I find it a good therapy to focus my mind too. Maybe I could go into meditation while doing the art one day... haha! I will post my finished work here when I'm done, and hopefully it is nice enough to show to the world...

Sample from "Google"


lina said...

Can we see the birthday card end result? :)

[SK] said...

aiyoh, your coursework need you to do such "artistic" thing ah?? die lah like that, need to research and then somemore need to present them like a graphic designer =.="

aiyoh, that's a nice idea to make a scrapbook-birthday-card for Anay, how sweet!! wish you all the success and please show us the end result, wokay?? :)

TZ said...

interesting to know your course work required to make a scrapbook. Hmmm... what course is this?

Small Kucing said...

Gong xi fatt chai! .

Course work have to make scarpbook ah? Hv to be very creative wor.

Show end result can?